2017 Forum & Exhibition

2017 ASAA Forum
International Aerospace Art Exhibition





Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Langley Research Center,
NASA’s oldest research facility!

Hotel information:

Crowne Plaza Hampton-Marina

700 Settlers Landing Road, Hampton, VA 23669


Group rate under the name ASAA – 2017 Annual Conference $109.00 plus tax.

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Week at a glance:
MAY 22ND – MAY 27TH 2017

For our Hampton Forum, we believe we offer one of our most valuable forum curriculum packages to date. Each session will lead seamlessly into the next with unmatched hands-on opportunity for all attendees.

We’ve structured the curriculum to have an interactive practical session accompany each lecture. The lectures and practicum are designed to run consecutively from conception, to layout, to tonal values and color, so that the artists can immediately apply the finer techniques of creating quality aerospace art. By the end of the week, each artist will have a finished painting to show for the week’s effort. Because of this, the 2017 forum will be a must-attend event for everyone!

Monday: Registration / Arrival day. The board meeting will be from 6pm – 8:00pm, with pizza dinner included for the board members. Non-board members can register at noon, walk over to the museum which is quite close, or hang out at the hotel while other artists arrive.

Tuesday : Virginia Air and Space Center Day. We will tour the exhibition and the museum in the morning. The VASC features a number of aircraft that highlight over one hundred years of aviation history. From a replica 1903Wright Flyer to a DC-9 passenger jet, the museum depicts a number of aviation firsts and milestones. Since America’s space program began in Hampton, the museum also features a great number of replicas, space craft, and missiles that highlight the one hundredth anniversary of NASA Langley Research Center.

Tuesday will also be our scheduled Painting Day at the VASC. Artists are welcome to set up easel and chair and take advantage of painting the many aerospace crafts on display.

We are in the process of arranging an Opening Reception at the museum on Tuesday evening, open to the public. The dress for this event is business casual.

Wednesday and Thursday: Intensive Practical Seminar at the Crowne Plaza Hampton Marina Hotel.

We will begin our academics with a “Telling the Story” session conducted by Marc Poole. He will relate an interesting story full of details providing a series of mental pictures for attendees to visualize by creating a running series of thumbnail storyboards for later review.

Marc Poole and Keith Ferris will select examples of these compositions for scanning and projection on the large screen for attendee review and discussion. The practicum will continue as artists pick their best thumbnail which will be the subject of the next two days’ worth of work.

After lunch, Keith Ferris will discuss the use of CONTRASTS in works of art. Contrasts between sizes and shapes of components: large vs. small, light vs dark, saturated vs grayed color, warm vs cool, soft edges vs. sharp, etc., etc., in works of art. This also applies to planning groups of works with contrasting sizes, shapes, color, and direction of flow, just as we do in planning the hanging of an exhibition. Poole and Ferris will compare attendees’ thumbnails, pointing out the use of these contrasting elements in compositions.

Wednesday evening will be our business dinner at a local eatery in the Hampton area. The dress for this event is business casual.

Thursday: Values and Painting Practicum. John Clark will lead an almost day-long hands-on painting exercise in which attendees will utilize tonal values in creating a finished painting, demonstrating the Importance of Values in Painting.

As time allows, Keith Ferris will follow with a hands-on exercise using the three primary color palette, plus white, concentrating on creating color, values of gray, grayed color, and contrasting cools and warms.

Friday: 100 years of NASA Langley. Friday will be dedicated to the 100th anniversary of NASA Langley. We will have a variety of presenters, both ASAA and local experts, ranging from topics on aviation art, moon suit gear, and the history of NASA. Don Malko will discuss aviation art. Bill Ayrey from ILC Dover will give a presentation on the moon suit with an actual moon suit for us to view. After lunch, we will learn of  the Development of International Space Station Operations in a presentation by Mark Pestana: The International Space Station was developed under a complex set of legal, political and financial agreements between the fifteen nations involved in the project. Mark’s presentation includes the technical, as well as cultural, challenges in integrating flight crews, the assembly and operations, and future plans. Mark brings personal insights as a former flight crew operations engineer in the NASA Astronaut Office. He negotiated with Russian counterparts on ISS crew training and operations, including the use of the Soyuz spacecraft as an emergency “life boat”.

Following Mark’s presentation,  Bill Kluge will detail NASA Langley’s 100 years of service to America.

Friday evening will be our Awards Banquet, held at the hotel. The dress for this event is business.

Saturday: Virginia Military Aviation Museum. We will be spent as an ASAA trip to the Virginia Military Aviation Museum at Virginia Beach, observing aircraft from WWI, the Golden Age, and WWII. It can also be a sightseeing day, where members can take advantage of the many sights in the greater Hampton area, including Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens.

Ye Bird and Star: Hospitality is open every night at the hotel where drinks, fun, and laughter will abound. And Gerry. And ducks.

What ASAA will provide for the week: ASAA will provide the following items for the practicum: canvas boards, simple table-top easels, paint for the three-color class, cardboard palettes for the three-color class, drop cloths, paper towels, plastic cups, and odorless thinner for all artists attending.

What you are responsible to bring: Artists will be required to bring their own sketch pads, pencils, erasers, brushes, your own table-top easel if you prefer, and drop cloths and paint if painting at VASC. If anyone has any questions regarding supplies, please contact Nanette O’Neal