A Tribute to Luther Gore

A Tribute to
Luther Y. Gore

“A Tribute to Luther Y. Gore” has been created to
recognize our dear friend, colleague and
ASAA Executive Secretary Luther Gore.

A PDF version is available for download

Click Here.

A Message from John Clark, ASAA

Hello All,
The ASAA “Tribute to Luther Y. Gore” book has been printed.

Five copies were printed.  Three copies were sent to Joan Gore for her family; one copy to the
ASAA Archives at Wright State University; and one copy will be on display at the next and all future forums,
so that those who did not know Luther will be able to see and read of his contributions to ASAA.

A tremendous effort went into this publication, and I would like to personally thank all those who devoted
their time and effort to make it a success.

Joe Smith stepped forward with the initial offer to work on and print the book. He bounced his ideas off Norm Siegel for comment.  When it became apparent that it would be difficult for Joe to print the book through his connection at MOMA, I asked Don Malko if he could publish excerpts in a future issue of Aero Brush.  Don agreed, then took Joe’s initial ideas, added to them, and arranged the lay-out in a format consistent with the look of Aero Brush.  Don used his editor’s skills which enhanced the final look of the book.

Hank Caruso did the critical job of editing.  Without Hank’s skill in this area, we would not have succeeded.  His eye for editing detail saved us from embarrassment on many occasions.  Thank you Hank.

Thanks to Keith, Gil, Ardell, Joe, Don, Michael, and Bill for their contributions and testimonials.  I am sure Luther would have appreciated the tribute these members paid to his memory.

Thanks also to Patsy Whyte for her moving poem in memory of Luther.