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The ’60s Soviet Space Probe That Crashed Into Wisconsin


Via Atlas Obscura
When Sputnik IV hit the streets of sleepy Manitowoc, it ushered in the age of space junk. This ring at the intersection of Park and North 8th Streets in Manitowoc marks where Sputnik IV smashed into the street in 1962.

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Some Pilots Are Using Their Flight Paths to Draw in the Sky


It has to be some of the largest artwork ever created.
Via Atlas Obscura

IN GENERAL, THE SKY ISN’T a great medium for creativity. Your options are limited to a banner pulled behind a plane, or using special smoke to write giant letters that will get swept away by the wind—maybe before you reach the end of the message. But there’s another way that pilots express themselves, though it’s not immediately apparent to the ground-bound. Using a flight tracking program called CloudAhoy, pilots around the country have been drawing some intricate designs in the sky for a contest to see who can most effectively merge their skills in the air with their creative flair.

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