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vorster Tiro Vorster

Tiro Vorster’s early childhood fascination with drawing machines on soap wrappers took flight when he saw his first large aircraft at age sixteen.  He joined the South African Air Force (SAAF) and became flight engineer on the Alouette III helicopter and the Shackleton maritime reconnaissance plane.  He was decorated in nine combat tours in insurgency wars in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and Namibia.  Self-taught, he sketched and painted the aircraft all around him ...




Stan Vosburg

Stan Vosburg is an artist with a realistic and warmhearted approach to aviation art. His narrative style and historical fidelity make his period paintings a window into one of aviation's most exciting eras, the decade of the 1940's. A native Californian, Vosburg pursues two careers as a professional artist and a stress engineer in the aerospace/defense industry ...