ASAA 2023 Call for Entry

The 2023 CFE is now closed. Thank you for participating and good luck!


To be on display at the

Tuscon, Arizona
October 9, 2023 — January 31, 2024

“Birds of Different Feather” by Steve Anderson, ASAA 2022 James V. Roy Jr. Award Winner

A S A A F o r u m D a t e s : October 9 – October 13, 2023

Selected works will be the best submitted by artists from around the world. In addition to ASAA sponsored awards, prizes sponsored by Boeing & ForeFeathers Enterprises will be awarded.
Entry Deadline: Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. U.S. Eastern Standard Time, Tuesday July 18, 2023 . Entries received after that date will be re-turned unjuried. Entrants will be notified whether their artwork has been accepted or not by letter to be mailed/e-mailed by August 1st, 2023.

Jurors: Gerry Asher-ASAA, Brian Bateman-ASAA, Crissie Murphy-ASAA, Cher Pruys-ASAA
and Russell Smith-ASAA.

Rules for Artist Entrants

Artists are responsible for the legal and ethical integrity of their artwork. An artwork may be rejected by jurors if, in the jurors’ opinions, the artwork appears to be derived from another’s art (including copyrighted or public domain photography).

All participants warrant that their work will be their own creation and never plagiarize the work of others, nor infringe upon the copyrights of artists, photographers or other entities. Slides are no longer accepted.

Accepted artwork submitted not exhibiting the quality indicated in the scanned digital image will be disqualified by the hanging committee.

Who May Enter: All artists are invited to submit entries for this juried exhibition. Only the artist creator may submit the artwork. Publishers, galleries, agents, and collectors may not submit artwork on behalf of artists. If the work is not currently in the artist’s possession, it will be the artist’s responsibility to ensure availability and arrange for shipping of the work in time to meet deadlines.

Theme and Eligibility: This is an open theme exhibition and artwork depicting any aerospace subject is eligible. Works appearing in prior ASAA exhibits are ineligible. Only original artwork will be accepted. Computer generated art is ineligible. Photography, or any process derived from the use of photographs, photo-offset lithographs, giclées, computer graphics, or other reproductions will not be accepted. True fine art prints are acceptable. This includes etchings, serigraphs, stone lithographs, and woodcuts, all of which are hand printed one at a time.

Artists are encouraged to paint for specific awards such as the
Capt. Duane Whitney Marlin Award.

Listed below are some of the awards anticipated for the exhibition. There may be others, so check the ASAA website for updates. If an ASAA artist entering the exhibition at the ASAA entry fee rate receives an ASAA Award and has not paid their dues, the dues amount will be deducted from the award amount.


James II. Roy, Jr. $1000
For the best artwork in the exhibition by an ASAA member.
Award of Distinction $750
For the best artwork in the exhibition.
Merit Awards (2) $350 each.
In addition, ASAA awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in the Commercial Aviation, General Aviation, Military Aviation and Space categories.
Please select the desired category on the entry form for each work submitted.

Awards will be in the following amounts:
1st Place in each category – $250
2nd Place in each category- $125
3rd Place in each category – $100
Captain Duane Whitney Martin $500.
For artistic excellence in depicting the conflict in Southeast Asia 1964-1974.
(Previous winning artists are eligible)
Boeing Spirit of Flight $500
Nixon Galloway Golden Age of Aviation $200.
For work best depicting the Golden Age of Aviation.
Walter Jefferies Awards (2) $100 each.
Attendees’ Unjuried Exhibit by popular choice.
Best work created at the Forum.
ForeFeathers”” Enterprises’ Plaque du Beaque Award $100.
Presented for the most creative approach to telling an aviation story or depicting an aviation event.
Founder’s Awards Ribbons:
Gold and Silver (2). For the best original art (no prints) in the unjuried exhibition.
ASAA Associates Award (Unjuried show):
Ribbons (2). Only Associate members eligible.

Duration: Any artwork submitted must be available for the duration of the exhibition. If you would like your disc returned, please enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope.

Artwork: Artwork must be properly framed (artwork on paper must be protected by acrylic glazing), wired, and ready for hanging with the artist’s name and title of painting clearly printed on the back of the artwork, or it will not be hung. Sculptural entries must give overall dimensions on the entry form. Accepted artwork submitted not exhibiting the quality indicated in the scanned digital image will be disqualified by the hanging committee. “Gallery wrap” framing is permitted but must be professionally presented. No staples or tacks are allowed to show on the sides of the gallery wrapped frame.

Shipping and Insurance: Artists are responsible for shipping and insurance of their artwork to the exhibition. Return Shipping and insurance of artwork will be paid for artists attending the annual forum. If ASAA obtains sponsorship for the return shipping, shipping will be covered for all ASAA members and all forum attendees. Join ASAA as an Associate Member to qualify for member return shipping privileges. All ASAA paintings for US and Canadian artists will be shipped by UPS or FedEx Ground, insured. Be sure your return address is a street address accepting UPS or FedEx delivery. Return shipping and insurance fee will be limited to a maximum of $200 per piece. Artists are solely responsible for all shipping arrangements. The host venue will not be involved in transactions that require banking is-sues needed to resolve shipping concerns or problems.

For more information:

Michael J. O’Neal, ASAA

581 Airport Road

Bethel, PA 19507 USA

Phone: (732) 735-6631  Email:

Please direct questions regarding the exhibition or entry process to Michael O’Neal.