Life After Hurricane Michael – ASAA Member Michele Tabor Kimbrough Keeps on Painting!

ASAA Member Michele Tabor Kimbrough is facing some challenges, but keeps on painting!

Life After Hurricane Michael.

This is my first newsletter on my New additional website;

For those of you who already follow me with my picture framing business, The Art Factory Framing & Gallery, this part of the business is very much alive (Yes limping, but alive!). 

I own a two story building in the downtown historical district of Marianna, FL. My roof had the billboard and roof from the building next door, which I was also renting the upstairs space. Of course, all of that stuff is lost. My shop overall if fine. The roof is still leaking because the tarps are not working out, but all my art, equipment, etc is all covered with plastic and buckets everywhere. It’s not fun when it’s raining!

As you can imagine, a business like mine is definitely not making much if any income since all of us are in survival mode. Since it’s the Christmas Holidays, some people are getting things framed otherwise it’s pretty much dead. I am trying to make time to paint between all the problems that arise each day. My husband knows when I paint, because I’m a much happier camper! 

Anyway, I would greatly appreciate it if you all visit my new website and even provide some feedback.  I’m having a hard time focusing on things like this that require more “brain time” to create and your feedback would be helpful.

Thanks for letting me lament!  Michele