New Mentoring Apprentice

You’re never too young………(or too old) for Mentoring!


3 Aero Brush Kassi ImageWe have a new Mentoring apprentice!

Our newest applicant is 15 year-old Kassi Slowey of Coronado, California. Kassi’s decision to enter an art contest sponsored by the Air Race Classic led to not only winning the contest, but the opportunity as the winner to attend the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh where she was awarded with a flight with aerobatic champion Debby Rihn-Harvey and to have her artwork displayed in Kristin Hill’s booth. Kristin then encouraged Kassi to seek out the mentoring program with ASAA.

Kassi’s family is involved in aviation, and all her life she has been around airplanes. The family has lived and flown in Tennessee, Maine and Montana before moving to the west coast. Kassi’s application essay reads in part: “The ASAA mentoring program interests me because it seems like a perfect combination of my two passions; aviation and art. Aviation is an important part of my life. I practically grew up in an airport! I’ve been around airplanes since I was born because both of my parents are pilots. I’ve flown with them since I was a baby, and I started learning how to fly as soon as I could first reach the rudder pedals at about eight years old.

Once we moved to Maine, my interest in aviation began to increase. We lived about half an hour away from a small airport, and since we owned two planes at the time, a Tripacer and a Maule, my parents had a hangar constructed at that airport. We would regularly drive out and spend the day flying! The town we lived in was small and our house was located on a peninsula right between a lake and a river, so every summer my dad got floats installed on the Maule and we would fly it as a seaplane. So as well as owning our own hangar at an actual airport, my backyard was essentially a runway. Once I was old enough and big enough, I started learning how to fly in the Tripacer and the Maule, building up almost 36 hours in the two planes combined. For the year and a half that we lived in Montana, I took flight lessons from a local airport in a Cessna 172, which I have about 33 hours in.

As well as aviation, art has always interested me and been one of my hobbies. When I begin a new design or piece of art, I try not to simply draw a picture of something, I try to use colors and scenes to create something that evokes a feeling from whoever sees it. No one can see or feel anything exactly the same as someone else, but art to me is a way to make that somewhat possible by visually portraying a feeling, and I try to use my drawings to convey things to other people that I could not possibly say in words.”

Kassi goes on to say, “I’m not certain of what exactly I would like to paint, but maybe a scene with a plane flying over the ocean and underneath a star-filled night sky, with its shadow and the reflection of the stars on the water. There are a lot of ideas going through my head so I may change my mind, but for now, I think something along those lines would look nice.”

We are delighted to begin working with Kassi! As for never being too old, well that should go without saying. Asking for advice from our Education staff, or any of our established artists is part of what we do here at ASAA. The opportunities for discussion in the hospitality room, the critique sessions, on the bus or at lunch bring sharing of ideas and new inspirations. Be open to asking questions and to hearing the responses.There is always something you can use.

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