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How to Join the ASAA

Joining the ASAA gives you access to:

  • Aero Brush, a quarterly color magazine that keeps you informed of upcoming events, tips and tutorials from the premier aviation artists in ASAA, and other ASAA related information.
  • The Members Forum, a web based bulletin board (blog) that is maintained by the premier aviation artists in the ASAA.
  • Step-by-step tutorials on all aspects of an aviation art.
  • Video tutorials on on all aspects of an aviation art from various members.
  • The “New Work” area where members submit work in progress and open it up for comments from members.

Types of Membership

Artist Fellow members shall be artists whose aviation/aerospace art is widely recognized for its consistent high standards of professionalism, authenticity, and artistic quality as recognized by the membership committee.

Artist members shall be artists whose aviation/aerospace art qualifies them for membership in the artist category as recognized by the membership committee.

Foreign Affiliate Artist Fellow members or Foreign Affiliate Artist members shall be artists residing outside the United States of America whose aviation/aerospace art meets the Artist Fellow or Artist criteria as set forth above.

Associate membership is intended for artists not in other membership categories, collectors, publishers, museum curators or staff, gallery owners, and others interested in aviation/aerospace art. Associate members may not hold office or vote in Society affairs, but they may participate in other Society activities.


If applying for Artist Fellow membership or Artist membership (or Foreign Affiliate membership in these categories) either pay online or include a check for $15.00 for application processing.

Annual dues of $100.00 along with a one time $50 initiation fee, will be paid upon acceptance to Artist Fellow or Artist membership (or Foreign Affiliate membership in those categories). Note: Dues are for the period of June 1 through May 31 and are prorated (see Associate members below).

Annual dues for Associate members are $55.00. (Full time students pay $50.00.)

Associate members do not pay initiation or application processing fees.

First year dues are prorated on a monthly basis in the following manner. New members pay a full year dues at the time of joining. At the first regular payment date after joining, credit will be given for all unused dues from the first payment.

Payments can be made online at the Cashier Page or via check, payable to ASAA and sent to:
Douglas Castleman – ASAA Treasurer
20439 Osage Ave., #A
Torrence, CA

APPLICATION PROCEDURE FOR ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP To apply for an associate membership online, please click here and fill out the form, checking the “associate member” selection.


1. Fill out the application form.

2. Attach a copy of a current biography which should include, among other items, education, awards, membership in other art and aviation/aerospace organizations, and time periods involved in each.

3. Send digital images that exemplify your aviation/aerospace subject work. Include a minimum of five recent examples. Be sure to include your name, title, and number on each file. Submissions must be at least 300 dpi with the smallest dimension, width or height, at least seven inches. It is best to use JPEG and the images can’t be manipulated in any way.

It is important that examples of your work be of the highest quality to assure a fair assessment of their merit. Fill out and send the description of the work for each set of aviation/aerospace subjects. Be sure to key the numbers on the images to the numbers in the description sheet. Please note: biographies and CDs will be retained by the American Society of Aviation Artists.

4. Please note that processing will not begin until the $15 filing fee is received.

Email the completed application along with your biography, images and descriptions to the email address below.

Alternately, if you wish to use a file drop service, contact the Membership Secretary at the same address, with access information.

If mailing send the completed application form (along with biography, CD, and work description sheets) to:

American Society of Aviation Artists, Inc. attn:
Ardell Bourgeois
45286 Lenora Crescent
Chilliwack, B.C.
V2P 7C4 Canada

To Contact the ASAA on other matters, please contact:

American Society of Aviation Artists
attn: Nanette O’Neal
Executive Secretary
Nanette O’Neal,
100 Franz Road, Bethel PA, 19507

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