ASAA 2022 Forum & Exhibition

at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum 
June 21st through June 24th 2022 

The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Pooler, Georgia, USA will be the host for our 34th annual exhibition and forum this year. We are very grateful to be at the M8 again as they welcome us like family. Here is our current itinerary for the week of the forum. 

Week at a Glance

Monday, June 20th Arrival and Check In. The Best Western Hotel in Pooler GA welcomes us again. Forum registration begins at noon. Come get your registration bag and mingle with friends you haven’t seen in TWO YEARS or more! Ye Bird & Star will be open in one of the guest rooms at 5pm, location to be announced. The Board meeting (for board members only) will take place in the conference space at the hotel from 7pm to 8:30pm. 

The City of Savannah

Tuesday, June 21st  Museum Day. Morning briefing at the hotel will begin at 8:30. Be sure to take advantage of your hot breakfast beforehand. Marc Poole will kick off the forum with a presentation on Plein Air Art. We will then walk to the museum to view the exhibit. Lunch will be on your own, but stay local so as not to miss the second portion of Marc’s class with drawing and painting at the museum. Dinner is on your own, and Ye Bird & Star will be open after dinner. 

Wednesday, June 21st  Presentation Day. After our morning briefing at the hotel, we will walk to the museum for some outstanding classes presented by our esteemed colleagues. Greg Jackson will talk about reflective light, followed by Brian Bateman on edges. Lunch will be catered at the museum. After lunch, Michael O’Neal will give an exciting lecture on WWI French camouflage, and Gerry Asher will guide us through a “telling the story” sketching exercise. Dinner is on your own—make it quick if you wish to attend the critique session, held at the hotel conference room from 7pm-9pm. If you have an image you would like to throw to the wolves, be sure to get it to Michael O’Neal beforehand. Ye Bird & Star will be open for those who wish to celebrate or recover. 

Thursday, June 23rd Gil Cohen Day. We will begin with our briefing at the hotel, and Gil will then conduct a live painting demo at the museum to last throughout the morning. After our catered lunch, he will either continue his instruction or monitor those who wish to draw and paint at the museum. Dinner will be on your own, and Ye Bird & Star will be open afterwards. 

Friday, June 24th Special Guest Presenters and Awards Banquet. After our morning briefing, we will walk to the museum to listen to our special artist guest, Kavita Maharaj, who will give a morning presentation on her artwork and business practices. Lunch will be catered, and we will then continue our guest line-up with Warren Neary on US Air Force Art, accompanied by our own Darby Perrin. Russell Smith will wrap up the week with a special presentation you won’t want to miss. That evening, the cocktail hour begins at 6pm, and the 34th Annual Awards Banquet will follow. We are honored to have Gil Cohen as our keynote speaker this year. Join us for one last night together at Ye Bird & Star before heading for home. 


Gil Cohen. Live Painting Demonstration and Keynote Speaker. 

Kavita Maharaj. Her Artwork and Business Practices

Darby Perrin and Warren Neary. “A Brush with History, Heritage, and Combat Art-The Art of Warren Neary and Darby Perrin.” 

Greg Jackson. ”The 3 Kinds of Reflections.” 

Marc Poole. “The Eyes Have It: Tips and Tricks for Observational Drawing and Painting.” 

Russell Smith something extraordinary 

Gerry Asher.  Telling the Story from Berne Lay’s memoirs in “12 O’clock High.” 

Brian Bateman. “Lost and Found Edges.” 

Michael O’Neal. “WWI French Camo.” 


Gil Cohen

Gil Cohen, member of the American Society of Aviation Artists and twice winner of the Society’s prestigious ‘Best of Show’ award, ranks among the world’s leading aviation artists.  

While Gil’s paintings reflect his profound interest in history, it is his sensitive portrayal of the human element – the nuances of facial expression and body posture – set against the background of wartime airfield activity, which brings each canvas to life. …

Almost Home – Gil Cohen

Kavita Maharaj

is a prolific fine artist who has become internationally known for her Spock Painting Series, based upon Star Trek™ – The Original Series (TOS).  Her pieces are officially licensed by CBS as Star Trek™ Collector items and can be found in a variety of countries across the globe (Canada, the US, Australia, Finland, Scotland, England, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Trinidad and Tobago… to name a few). 

Kavita works primarily in the medium of acrylic paint on canvass, but remains ever responsive to the evolving expression of each piece. To this end, she frequently incorporates a variety of mediums such as graphite, watercolour pencils, acrylic inks and markers, into her pieces. 

“Every piece is an exploration onto itself.  And to that end, each piece demands its own consideration regarding mark-making, medium, and approach.” – Kavita Maharaj

Kavita has a genuine passion for drawing that is immediately evident within her pieces. This passion, supported by her acute ability to observe, forms the basis of her skill in achieving arresting likenesses and expressiveness for her subjects.  Her abilities also act as the springboard for her unique style as she dextrously weaves drawn elements through her images. 

Driven by her fascination with geometric pattern, colour theory, philosophy and causation, Kavita’s works are a conversation between artist and viewer that invokes internal contemplation regarding ‘self’ and one’s personal life journey.  A philosopher at heart, depth of meaning and the cultivation of wisdom is an important focus of Kavita’s works. 

Her colour-handling is inspired by an acute interest in what she perceives beneath the visually obvious surface of things. As such, viewers are often presented with unexpected gifts upon closer examination of her work. 

Kavita has been a producing artist for almost 30 years and has participated in several solo and group art shows along the way. She currently resides on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, with her husband, Daniel and their dog, Azul.  She has an honours Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art (Bfa) from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, majoring in print making. 

Warren Neary

Warren is the Chief of Heritage and Combat Art for the United States Air Force. 

He graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in  Figure Painting, Academy of Art University, CA, in 2008  and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, Utah State University, Logan, UT, in 1998. 

From 2006 – 2009 , he was an Adjunct Instructor Laramie County Community College, Cheyenne, WY. His artwork has been on display in many exhibitions and shows for decades, and he has earned countless awards for his work. 

“In creating artwork, I have found that I enjoy using the visual representational language of drawing and painting of the old masters to express my artistic inspiration, ideas and feelings. I am continually studying the works and writings of the old and contemporary artists. I also have a deep appreciation of the benefits of studying from nature. There is something about working from life that is exhilarating. I’m moved by the grace and beauty of the figure, and I’m learning to capture the emotion filled moments in relationships we share with each other. I enjoy being a son and student of a loving Heavenly Father and master creator. I’m drawn to exploring scenes of subtle or dramatic light, color and design. I appreciate warm low-level lighting such as in the evening or candle-lit situations to higher key, lighter compositions. In drawing and painting from life, it is a challenge and delight to capture what I see in my artwork. Although my preferred approach to painting requires years of rigorous training and experience, my hope is that my art will be sincere and connect on an emotional or spiritual level – inspiring, empathizing and uplifting all who view my work.” 

Darby Perrin

Darby Perrin’s love for aviation began in 1986 when he joined the United States Air Force. Already an accomplished artist, the military fed his creativity and afforded many opportunities to paint and design. He’s been a Crew Chief and flew as an Airborne Communications Technician on AWACS. He was a KC-135 Boom Operator for 20 years and he’s presently employed by the Air Force Reserve Command History Office as a full time Historian/Artist.  Darby has a gallery and studio on Tinker AFB outside of Oklahoma City. 

Darby is a self-taught artist and has won numerous awards and honors. He has an eye for the majesty and mysticism of aviation and his work is seen on canvases and prints that hang in museums and private collections throughout the world. He’s also designed and painted nose art on 34 USAF aircraft. His gallery and studio house over 90 different prints, and dozens of original paintings including several hand painted leather jackets. 

American 787 – Darby Perrin

Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he completed a concentration in Military History. After graduation, he served as an Armor officer in the United States Army, deploying as the executive officer of an M1A1 tank company for Operation Desert Storm. He currently works as a senior web graphics designer. 

A self-taught artist, Greg has been fascinated by aviation from an early age, being particularly drawn to military aircraft. His art can be found in the collections of the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum, the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation, the USAF Thunderbirds Flight Demonstration Team, and private collectors. Greg is married to Amy Jackson and has two sons, Eric and Evan. 

Marc Poole

Marc Poole joined the ASAA as an Associate Member in 1992, and became an Artist Member in 2001. He became an ASAA Artist Fellow in 2019. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and a Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Visualization from Mississippi State University, and stayed on as Faculty in the Art Department from 2001-2007, teaching Design I and II, Drawing I and II, Rendering, and Computer Art. He moved to Biloxi, Mississippi in 2007 and spent the next year as the Multimedia Director for the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino before getting back into academia. He has taught for Tulane University, William Carey University, and the University of Southern Mississppi, and is currently the Fine Arts Instructor at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

Marc is a Private Pilot, an avid plein air painter, and attempts to create his aviation pieces with a strong sense of natural light. He is passionate about Mississippi history and capturing stories close to home. He has works in the permanent collections of the National Naval Aviation Museum, the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum, the Navy Art collection, and the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Marc is also a civilian participant in the Marine Corps Combat Art Program. 

Fifi – Marc Poole

Russell Smith

Russell’s love of drawing was evident at a young age. After majoring in art at Augusta State University, he spent nine years working in the prepress industry while creating and selling his artwork on the side and most recently he has realized his dream of becoming a full time artist. Over the past few years Russell has self published several open and limited edition prints. 

His work can be seen in many collections around the country and has been recognized by several international publications including Aviation History, Flight Journal, Flying, and Aviation Art. In addition, Russell’s work has been included in many national and international exhibitions including the Icarus Art of Flight Exhibition, the Simuflite/Flying Magazine Horizons of Flight Art Exhibition. Russell has been the recipient of several awards and honors including an Honorable Mention in the Experimental Aircraft Association 1999 Art Exhibition. 

Men of Honor – Russell Smith

Brian Bateman

Throughout my life I have always been fascinated by aviation and the men and women who fly. It just seemed to become my purpose in life and remains my main driving force with my artwork and my passion. My interest in aviation began as a child growing up in Dayton, Ohio …  

Around the 5th grade I began copying the drawings of airplanes on model box tops and that was it – I became enthused with model building, dioramas, and research books—anything 
and everything I could get on the subject of WWII history, Korea, Vietnam, and also The Civil War.  In 1986 I moved to San Diego, California where there are many vintage planes and restoration facilities available, not to mention near-perfect weather all year around. 

Turning Point – Brian Bateman

Michael O’Neal

Focusing on the earliest periods in aviation history, from the dawn of flight to the end of WW I, wood and fabric airplanes dominate Michael’s paintings. While still in high school, Michael began compiling a complete list of biographies of WW I pilots who hailed from his home state of New Jersey. The lasting impressions created by his interviews with several veterans, all of them well into their 80s, led to a strong focus of his energies on the World War period 1914—1918. 

His paintings have won numerous awards including the very first James V Roy Award in 1997.  Michael is a past President of the League of WW 1 Aviation Historians, serves on the Board of Directors for the Golden Age Air Museum in Bethel, Pa, and is past President of the ASAA,. He currently holds the Ren Wicks Founder’s Chair for ASAA and is the ASAA Exhibition Chairman. 

Scorge – Michael O’Neal