The American Society of Aviation Artists is a non-profit organization founded in 1986 with the intent of fostering through art, the history of aerospace.

The five founding members share an average of over 45 years’ experience in the field of aviation art. Keith Ferris, Jo Kotula, Bob McCall, R.G. Smith and Ren Wicks have produced some of the most famous and award winning aviation and aerospace paintings in the world. Chief among their goals is to affirm standards of professionalism, authenticity and artistic quality in aviation art. For the past 25 years our focus and dedication has been on the training and education of those who wish to learn from our experiences. For artists we offer training in the traditional methods by which art has been produced and practiced by generations of artists. Our goal for the foreseeable future is to continue in that tradition.

We also offer programs and activities of interest to those who are not artists but have a love for art and aviation. Through programs and lectures we continue to present topics of interest that are timely and informative.

ASAA brings together persons who share a love of art and aviation in an organization that challenges itself to the creation of works that are unique to aviation and aerospace. We welcome you to our growing organization and wish to share the experience of learning, inspiration and camaraderie that comes with ASAA membership.

Our Objectives

  • To bring together artists who share a deep interest in documenting aviation and aerospace history for the enjoyment and education of the public and other artists, and to exchange ideas for the betterment of the profession.
  • To strive for artistic quality and authenticity in aviation and aerospace art.
  • To give mutual support to the understanding and protection of artists’ rights.
  • To teach and promote ethical business practices.
  • To help enlighten the public on the importance of documenting aviation, aerospace history and current events through art.
  • To hold exhibitions of the artistic work of ASAA members and others.
  • To help sponsor exhibitions of appropriate earlier aviation art.
  • To conduct and encourage educational forums to stimulate and inspire the artistic talents of both professional and amateur artists.
  • To increase their knowledge of aviation and aerospace technology and history. To afford the opportunity for artists to congregate and get acquainted.
  • To assist talented individuals who wish to pursue aviation and aerospace art as a profession or avocation.
  • To establish a scholarship fund to financially assist promising art students who desire careers in aviation and aerospace art.

What Membership Means to You

Membership in ASAA delivers the Aero Brush, the newsletter of ASAA, through which you will be kept informed of exhibits, educational forums, and the many varied activities of the organization. The Aero Brush provides a forum for discussion, dissemination of opinion, ideas, information, techniques, and helpful hints for the participation of the entire membership. The Aero Brush links you with those who share your interest in aviation and aerospace art. You also get access to the member’s area of this site. The member’s area gives access to the Aerobrush in color, the ASAA Brush Tips, (painting tips from our members), news updates, an opportunity to submit work for membership critique, and complete coverage of our annual exhibit and member’s forum.

As an Artist Member or Associate: ASAA offers you active participation in forums and workshops; provides art exhibitions and awards; provides opportunities for association with foremost aviation artists in America; offers reduced registration fees to all sponsored events and makes possible your sponsorship of aspiring student aviation artists and/or exhibition awards. As an Artist Member: ASAA allows you to vote on ASAA matters and to hold office and share in the directions that ASAA will take in the future. Membership in ASAA enriches and enlightens those who participate. Its value will be in direct proportion to your involvement.


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