Golden Age Air Museum Air Show

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September 3-4 for a rare opportunity to see 3 rotary powered Fokker DR.I triplanes, several other WWI aircraft, reenactors, vendors, Biplane rides, two air shows, and original artwork by aviation artists Russell Smith, Bill Marsako, Steve Anderson, and others. Bring your sketchbook, easel, canvas and paints and create art from life, or bring your lawn chair and just sit back and enjoy the show!

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Beyond Haiku: Pilots Write Poetry

Some of our ASAA members had the opportunity to work on an amazing project this past spring. Collected and edited by American Airlines pilot and check airman Captain Linda Pauwels, a series of four books combining poetry, art and the art of flying began with the first book, “Beyond Haiku: Pilots Write Poetry” which was released in December of 2020.  Priscilla Patterson, our  ASAA Education Chairman, had the honor of mentoring with some delightful young artists on their artwork, and was able to be a contributor on books 2 and 3. This youtube trailer for “Beyond Haiku: Women Pilots Write Poetry” introduces book 2, with an official book launch scheduled for October 27 at Books and Books in Coral Gables, FL. Video composition and design is by Kateryna Sikulska (who starts initial flight training in the fall) and music is by AA Captain Susan Maule. @beyondhaiku
ASAA artists Crissie Murphy, who created the cover for book 3, and Mark Pestana, along with Mark’s daughter and great nieces, contributed to book 4, which are still in production. 

While all of our members worked pro bono,  proceeds from sale of the books will be contributed to ASAA, along with ISA+21, The Ninety-Nines, and Women in Aviation International, promoting scholarships and education.

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Beyond Haiku: Women Pilots Write Poetry

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American Society of Aviation Artists

American Society of Aviation Artists

The American Society of Aviation Artists is a non-profit organization founded in 1986 with the inten

Did you know that ASAA has a Mentoring Program? There is no tuition (ASAA Membership is required) and you’ll get the opportunity to work with some of the finest aviation artists in the business. For more information, check out our website at See MoreSee Less
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Sometimes we have these moments when an event immediately triggers a connection in our memories. Such was the case yesterday when I got some "tailwheel refresher" after being out of the cockpit for almost three decades.I rented an Aeronca Champ for the morning, and the instructor toured me around a half-dozen different grass strips, southwest of Fort Worth, TX. It was a great workout, making a total of eleven landings between the various locales. One of the fields, appropriately named, "Chicken Strip," still had freshly mown hay waiting to be baled. Upon our return to Spinks Airport, I climbed out to see strands of hay still clinging to the landing gear – and couldn’t help but think of my 40-year friendship with Keith Ferris, and those beautiful P-12 paintings based on his childhood memories.This is for you, Keith. 😉 See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

American Society of Aviation Artists
Job well done, Team! Three full, productive days working along side the Air Force Art Program at the Joint Base Andrews Air & Space Expo, putting the “A” in STEAM! See MoreSee Less
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